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An entirely new way to buy & sell used cars.

Our Mission

The way people buy and sell cars hasn’t really changed in 100 years. Until now! Gone are the yards crammed with sheet metal. Gone are the plaid, suit-wearing, shonky dealers. Gone are the hassle and haggle. Gone is the fear.

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At Carzoos, we’ve created a place where people can

Life at Carzoos

Wish you’d been there for the launch of Uber, Airbnb or even Google? Well, now you could become a part of the next big thing. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from these game changers, it’s that the real key to success is making your staff just as happy as your customers.

That means offering competitive experience based packages, creating a stimulating and challenging working environment and most importantly building a corporate culture of positivity and teamwork.

Buy fearless. Sell fearless. Work fearless.

Carzoos Retail

Carzoos Retail

Carzoos retail stores will be a place where people can buy fearless and sell fearless. Sleek, high-tech and crewed by friendly, welcoming hosts, help-obsessed store buddies, and cool, calm chief experience managers. If you have a natural positivity - not just glass half full, but glass overflowing - and have no problem saying, “I can help you with that”, then we need to talk.

Carzoos Automotive

Carzoos Automotive

The Carzoos automotive division are the mobile superheros of our game changing company. Cruising in a dedicated inspection van, their comforting encyclopaedic knowledge of everything car is our customers’ first experience of what it truly means to sell fearless. If you have people skills to match your mechanical skills then we need to talk.

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Equal Opportunity

At Carzoos we’re all about breaking the shonky dealer stereotype, so we’re not just paying lip service to diversity we’re actively encouraging it.

In fact our parent company, AP Eagers already leads the industry for the highest percentage of women in a management role.

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Hey, even if you don’t see a current opening that suits your skills and ambitions, but you know you’re awesome, we’d like to hear from you.

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